THREE GRACES - who were they?

It's 1st October and I have told myself that I would write something of interest on the first of each month.

I feel it's time to go into one of my passions, Greek Mythology, especially as loads of people have asked me "Why Three Graces?" Well it's simple, the Three Graces gave and received beautiful gifts in the most gracious way. They were beautiful and kind and made everybody happy. I couldn't think of a better name to call my gift shop. The Three Graces are Aglaea, Euphrosyne and Thalia.

In Theogony Hesiod writes about the Three Graces. He describes Aglaea as personifying radiance. Others give her characteristics of beauty and splendour, glory, magnificence, and adornment. She is the youngest of the Graces and became wife of Hephaistos, the craftsman god. Euphrosyne is described as as joy or mirth and the incarnation of grace and beauty. Thalia is said to be flowering and described as 'good cheer', she was the goddess of festivity. The Graces gave and bestowed gifts. They were also masters of dancing, singing and poetry by which they entertained many, but particularly the guests at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. Their parents were Zeus and Euynome, daughter of Ocean, and they lived on Mount Olympos with The Muses.

In Hesiod's Works and Days, The Graces helped at the birth of Pandora, but she was never meant to open The Box! Also, together with the help of The Horae (goddesses of the seasons), they were given the task of adorning the first woman with flowers, garlands and fine jewellery, thus making her even more beautiful.

Homer associates The Three Graces with Aphrodite, and later sources say they became an established part of Aphrodite's large entourage. Homer also tells of the Three Graces making a beautiful and immortal robe for Aphrodite. The Graces pop up again in Homer’s Odyssey where they dispense beauty to mortals and are the handmaidens of Aphrodite, bathing the goddess and anointing her with scented oil in her sanctuary on Cyprus.

What better name for a gift shop specializing in quality beautiful artisan and ethical gifts!

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